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PES 2019 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER - Real football manager with elements of simulator developed by famous studio Konami. Generall,y a classic-style game is made for mechanics style, hiring athletes, coaches, managers, building essential buildings and stadiums, training their team and bringing their players to victory. The main focus of the game is on realism. With over 1000 real sportsmen, real stadiums and competitions, you can fully experience the world of football.

Court records in a way that only the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise, offering total control over any of the action! Natural player movements to bring a certain pass-depth strategy realistic and beautiful game experience on your phone! This is an online game. You need a stable internet connection to enjoy the game.

FIFA PES can be described as the best option for you. All plays the most beautiful football on the Android platform, confirmed the land by hand and specialists. The game supports both games appear to have developed a new First Touch system. When you were almost pure perfection Football Action Play the game field.

Missed Konami license

2019 License care, PES Konami will not be able to take the only thing. Therefore, they are not really in a position to teams and players NAME. It is only where they are part of the FIFA standards, they are not able to reach the idea of ​​the most famous tournaments rights situation in the world, but this year they have been 12 new and league licenses, and the Russian Federation, Belgium, Scotland, Danish, Swedish, Portuguese, Turkey, Argentina, Chile, Thai, Chinese, Japanese and leagues. At least we can enjoy all the skills to carry Andres Iniesta. read more.

Also, if you (we, the game is very large because recommend using additional data files, and download a Wi-Fi is no such thing as the Lite version for attachment) APK and PES, we can enjoy the following functions:

  • So the amount must be set at the time of day, online, domestic league and various game modes such as accommodating.
  • New Legend: the way Beckham plays Zico, Romario, Cruyff, might gulite with Nedved, Maldini as the stars of the past, as well as added new stars every week.
  • New limited edition long football weekend based on their performance in the real world players featured players in the detailed statistics and to improve and to acquire new skills.
  • You're going to the big teams and the cooperation of clubs such as FC Barcelona, ​​Liverpool FC, players Special Edition. No wonder this year Coutinho sporty image.

Once you enjoy download and install the whole game. Set during the long time taken as soon as you start the game Fruits.


  • PES 2020 Game Show (TGS Tokyo) campaign is now live! Com challenge levels are lower than normal.
  • Fill vs. elite club event and you will receive a 5 special coach.
  • One Player 5 Special Coaches As a result of great experience and benefits, this is an invaluable opportunity to create some of their favorite players to promote.
  • Is not this amazing opportunity slip through your fingers!


It is calculated at the end of the event when you can get the match award period.

* The event information icon, tap to view detailed information about it.

* Event schedule and details can be changed without prior notice.

* Understanding Agreement Each user is injured, we discussed was how to adopt in your appropriate action.

* Please note that maintenance can sometimes be conducted without notice.

* Please note that maintenance could not start to play 15 minutes before the game.

* Ongoing maintenance when the game is over, you may sometimes not be able to get all the awards and the results can not be counted for your records.

* Can be affected by a specific start and end times for maintenance.

PES Features

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 features are listed below.

Compete with friends in the fight against PES 2019 with the world!

  • Users around the world in a variety of ways with friends and game PES 2019!
  • Face it fight off an intense 1v1, the practice of the local match to create their own tournament with local League ""modes friends' status, or against a group of friends to the mounting face.
  • A good friend of social differentiation competitive again and again, as a friend of the Match ""mode, which can be easily done with every user on your buddy list in one game.
  • Once you feel ready to take the world, you will be able to challenge all users with the online game ""mode. You can sense the exercise participants large weekly events gain Get ready to race for your team Global Challenge domination of their teams and the world numbers.

Added new League license

  • Around 12 new leagues have been applied to the official game.
  • Europe, Russia exclusive PES League, as well as the tie was Belgium, Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, and Turkey League. New South American League was applied with Argentine and Chilean leagues.
  • Finally, long-awaited Japan's J.League added Thai and Chinese League Asia.
  • An unprecedented number of players and clubs from all over the world and build your dream team!

New Legend Player

  • Beckham as Zico, Romario and Cruyff, Nedved, gulite, Maldini world-famous legends and Kahn players will continue to appear as a special Legend of PES 2019.
  • New legends, the session will be added so that you can play the best players, past and present!

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