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Apr 20, 2018
Erforderliches Android:
2.3 and up
14 - 6 MB
App2SD Pro: All APK 14.1 Full Modified Pay New Device Application on Android Device
All Android Pay with One Tool [50% Off] APK Complete Modification of App2SD Download Pro Latest Version Link

App2SD Pro is a tool [50% off] that all applications from one device with Android wiki Bonick you can install Android devices on your few!
Disclaimer: root is required. Before you do a full backup of the application. Apps2SD is not responsible for the damage or loss of your phone information. NOTE: The link is to take / take your super user management application
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Apps2SD Terms
The root of the unit must be root privileges Apps2SD
2 partitions on external SD card (built-in tool to use 2 partition partitions)

Apps2SD Features:

English, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), French, Finnish, German, Indonesian, Português, Portuguese (Brazil), Русский, English, Türkçe, Urdu, العربية, Italian, Japanese, Magyar, ಕನ್ನಡ, runs German, Korean, and Vietnamese Slovenčina languages ​​and more languages
apk Link2SD (SD Link) Link Odex, Dax, Lib, internal data, external data and user / system SD card folder / OBB applications 2 division match
Link / Unlink Apps
Automatically newly installed link programs (optional) and updated applications
New automatic installation programs (optional), and those updated applications stored on the SD card / adoptable
Creating Shortcut Modules and Widgets
Bright flashlight
Scheduler Task: Based on schedule tasks / jobs or events
Busybox Installer: No need for a separate application ships Apps2SD binary busybox installed busybox
Remover Apps: Uninstall System Apps (remove bloatware)
Script-SD card mounted second partition
Apps / A2SD moves on SD card with native App2SD (if you do not move the SD card, which will be moved by using force supported)
Move vulnerable storage (not adopted by step app for adoptive force storage)
Enabling and Deactivating Programs / Games (Freeze and Throw)
Batch Link Unlink, Backup, Restore, Uninstall, Disabled, Modify Compiled, Move, Clear Info / Cache, SD Trick, Telephone and many more features
32 and 64-bit devices
MIPS support for hand, x86 and devices
SD card 2 section fix permissions
Terminal emulator (execute shell scripts / commands)
Folder Mount / Folder Links (Folder Mount Between Internal / Link / External SD Cards)
Kit Kat + screen recorder devices
Run Task Manager / Task Killer (free RAM and CPU killing processes / applications)
Enable / Disable Services / Activities / Radio Receivers / Content Providers: Application Manager (Manage Applications and Games)
Hibernate Applications (Greenify) / System screen and display to save hibernate user to save on battery continuously since
Cracked App Cleaner (System Cleaner / Optimizer): Download / install error on unneeded files / folders and location from Play Store
Hide apps and games applications (with password protection hidden)
Swap Manager Ram Expander / Booster (Create / Swap Partition / Managing Files)
Fix Device (FSTRIM) to improve Exercise 4 (device interval fixed performance for Android)
Partition Tool (partition external SD card. Make your SD card support, FAT32, exFAT, f2fs, ext4 ext3 and ext2 3 partitions).
Partitioning Tool (Adaptable): Create sensitive or sensitive + portable partitions on the SD card
Backup / Restore App / Game / SD Card: Create backup restore and applications or SD card
Script Manager (Create / Execute Commands / No Custom Linux Scripts. Create Shortcut Scripts for Easy Access to Home)
Throttle CPU (Power / Battery Saver / Adapter): A good battery life or device boot-off screen when your CPU version is out
SD card booster (speed cash value change speed internal / external SD card)
SD card speed test (SD card read / write speed test)
Report an error: Devloper send error
Advanced reboot option (reboot soft restart, power off, boot into recovery bootloader, boot in safe mode)
SDFix (Write Permission Fix External SD Card)
Note: Use gparted or apartment or mini SD card equipment division when partition manager does not work

App2SD Pro: All tools [50% off] APK complete modification
App2SD Pro: All tools [50% off] APK complete modification


<Optimized graphics charge for fast good results and clean resources (5.83 MB total APK size)
Analytics disabled
All sources encrypted
Support for hands only
Languages: gu, Russia

What is new:

  • Also added some effect figures
  • Magisk support for 15.3+
  • Don't be silly to add additional auto-reconnect and apps option
  • Mount all folders and uncheck all folder options
  • Fixed some performance issues
  • Translation update
  • Removed auto recovery folder update while remaining solid applications question
Other bug fixes and performance improvements

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