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Apr 10, 2018
Erforderliches Android:
4.0.3 and up
13 - 3 - 596MB
Heroes and castles 2 ~ 4 v1.01.06.0 APK Mod + ÖBB action games to the latest data, Android
Hero Android 2 APK Mod previous version, and a link to download + Castle with data ÖBB
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Mod Money / Skills

Heroes and Castle by Action 2. Download the game Foursaken media, you can install a few of your Android devices!
They look at the bottom of a long war. On the left side, giants imps to kill a large amount of air with every swing, high-Bone Club War. , Pause dwarf Iron helmet in its own right, whereas spear skeletal shambling his final charge to prepare a number of pikemen. Elven archers, Trolls his work cut wood behind you and keep your arrowhead of the savage orcs. But that's not enough if they are hostile action ... Be prepared for your sword and charge into battle, with a last Cry!

2 and folk hero, a thir person action-RPG, strategy and mash-up the defense of the castle! Choose one of three powerful races fight to customize their heroes, massive armies of war demand that you hand in your castle, defend conquered the land and eventually destroy enemy fortifications!


Castle defense, strategy, action and RPG gameplay!
Take a deep perspective on the battlefield summoned the army to fight in the third person, and defend your castle to the death! A great battle that you fight in the middle of control!

Customize your hero!
Choose from nine classes suffer learn in three races, levels, weapons, armor, and new skills and abilities slope, and destroy your enemies!

You can summon to fight against a large army!
Call Dwarves, Elves, archers, pikemen, you have to help the Giants, knights, catapults, mages, and more protection. War battles you see a big, epic enemy closer!

The construction and upgrade your castle!
Build towers, upgrade your castle walls and save! New lands and build to hold pickets that they receive safe.

Epic single-player campaign!
30 Protect your castle through the waves to capture and control all the large card will be protected by the new checkpoints. Finally, the final destruction of the castle of the enemy, victory in battle!

Cooperative Multiplayer!
A casual partner or team up with your friends!

PVP multiplayer!
Fight against other players - destroy your castle and defend!

To fight against tons of enemies!
They hordes of the undead, orcs to fight against dozens of enemies on screen at once, goblins, ghouls, spiders, trolls, catapults, Mami, and more!

Advanced graphics and lots of features!
Save The Incredible mobile graphics and lighting, at the same time high-resolution property Lighting Support Controller (Protection Moga position B, steel, etc.) line of tools in the fight against dozens of units on screen, and much more!

Heroes and castles 2 APK Mod
Heroes and castles 2 APK Mod

Installation Instructions:

The device 1 ""APK will install it on"".
""Android / Obb"" 2 ""com.foursakenmedia.heroesandcastles2 Copy"" folder.
Enter 3.

I download data?

What is new:

- Do not play with hard iOS users, Android users bug fixed
- Various crash fixes
- find other standard graphics options

Heroes and Castles 2 Apk Mod + Data OBB latest -Inhalt beträgt . Diese App wird von Nutzern der App mit bewertet Um mehr über das Unternehmen / den Entwickler zu erfahren, besuchen Sie die Website von , die es entwickelt hat. Heroes and Castles 2 Apk Mod + Data OBB latest kann auf Android-Geräten ab 4.0.3 and up heruntergeladen und installiert werden. Laden Sie die App mit Ihrem bevorzugten Browser herunter und klicken Sie auf Installieren, um die Anwendung zu installieren. Bitte beachten Sie, dass wir sowohl einfache als auch reine APK-Dateien und eine schnellere Download-Geschwindigkeit als Heroes and Castles 2 Apk Mod + Data OBB latest zur Verfügung stellen. Diese App APK wurde https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.foursakenmedia.heroesandcastles2 Mal im Laden heruntergeladen. Sie können auch Heroes and Castles 2 Apk Mod + Data OBB latest APK herunterladen und mit den beliebten Android-Emulatoren ausführen.

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