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Rapor SD K13 Apk course has experienced significant changes in curriculum or as Indonesia, 2013 was implemented. Many students make the items are added to obtain specific skills and knowledge.

In addition, the rating system, as it is in many aspects different. Teachers often difficulties in determining the criteria and assessment tools. For convenience, you can use the app Rapor SD K13 report card.

The 2013 Curriculum Assessment app is designed to help the primary level. A well-known, connected concept is a content that uses a variety of elementary school thematic learning knowledge.

Believes that teachers are only required to be evaluated, the concept is new. On the other hand, they are not easy to become a useful tool in determining criteria.

Evaluation, Rapor SD K13 planning report cards, lead teachers, use the implementation and reporting process.

A session class learning cards formatted reports to report the results of the study. However, reports are easy to create cards, there are only a printed value

It is a long process that must be completed. In addition, the evaluation points covering the cognitive, affective and psychomotor aspects of K13. Only the teacher is good for the students to answer questions or not.

Teachers should be the student's attitude, behavior and character assessment during learning. Finally, forget the stage, many times. Teachers do not have time to make a training session due to lack of time.

All Clock K13 reported capital and support functions to the card application. First students to complete the administration, teachers and schools. More students upset with the teacher names and identities of their followers

This also applies to the issue of schools and teachers. It was distributed on the basis of an application evaluated category. Teachers may be related to the content and to prepare an evaluation system for it. Therefore, each content in my area.

Then there is such a general assessment approach and emotional parts.

2013 course emphasizes two core competencies, knowledge and skills.

K13 Application Report Card Sort. Enter values ​​are based on the theme. However, these values ​​are aspects of knowledge and skills.

To learn various aspects, the teacher only from their respective menus. So teachers can be aware of the progress of the students' overall knowledge and applied skills.

Application report card Rapor SD K13

  • Free app and web dapodik
  • Simple design and function menu
  • Small file size, high spec so no need for a PC
  • Print menu and master book
  • Extensive cost of the procedure
  • Advances to facilitate the monitoring of our work
  • See also, as certified by the mobile Taspen

A menu for the print function that the card can not be separated from the application. Print teachers and students can immediately share the final report.

It is all a process that you first make sure all values ​​meet. Application control or monitoring system must assess progress.

Progress has exceeded 80%, the teacher data can be printed. Instead, the application will alert you if the information is incomplete.

As already mentioned, the application level, especially in elementary school.

Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, each of the six versions when you are ready for one to download them all.

Everybody has the same basic functions, but the level of students is learning to optimize.

Apart from K13 programs for the elementary school report card, there is special support for junior high school programs and high school / vocational school level.

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