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7 25, 2019
4.0 and up
8.96 Mb

Pure Diary (Paid) 12.1.0 Rev. latest device Android app

Download for Android (Paid) APK link with the previous net Diaries

(For a fee), you can enjoy your Android device install the .NET logo, device Android apps Han Chang-Lin!
Diary writing fast?

This application can meet your needs!

Calendars and diaries will be displayed together, you can easily write a diary cases.


(1) Password protection process.
(2) Calculated from today shows that already a few days later.
(3) Show Week Numbers.
(4) certification logo.
(5) Expand the Text window mode.
(6) an unlimited number of single-day record.
(7) Memo font size adjustment.
(8) read-only (browsing mode).

Application examples:

(1) expansion of the diary records.
(2) estimate the number of days required to work.

What is new:

Android pie and optimized for Android Q

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