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4.5 (2161)
ゲーム, Role Playing
1.652 アンドロイド用
12 26, 2019

Day R Premium (MOD, Unlimited Coins) - The game's plot is revealed when the nuclear war begins, it is a very popular game, the Soviet Union has not escaped from the attack and has drowned, dozens of atom bomb attacks entire life and are mutant Fatal diseases at the place of radiation, but the mutants that lead the prey are not as dangerous as the people involved in the gang. And kills everything in their own way. Try to survive and try to survive in this dangerous place, the game is very close, be careful.


The game takes place in a fantasy future in which the world is destroyed by nuclear wars that suddenly appear nowhere. Imagine, you would wake up one day and see that everything around you was destroyed. You have no memories of it with a few blurry impressions. Now all you have to do is find your wife and children.

There is nothing left, and with an uncertain future, you will have to travel to Westland and try to escape the world's troubles after the Apocalypse. Your family, on the other hand, is still single and knows if they can survive the events.

With the explosion of the world, the earth is in danger of poisonous rays and deadly viruses that cause many deaths. Although your family's chances of survival are not so great, you are determined to find them.

Swim by looking for food and supplies in abandoned shelters and buildings. Find weapons so you can equip yourself with monsters and enemies. Overcome destructive diseases, reduce your appetite, and more.

Spend your time looking for content and using your practical skills to explore features and create useful content. Create different items with weapons, tools, and vehicles. During this time you will find that your physics, chemistry, and math skills can be useful in high school.

Prepare yourself and destroy the devastating USSR. Start your journey through the vast countries of Discover the secrets behind accidents and discover your lost memories.


Here's exciting gameplay of the game's fur:

Experience a hard survival experience with solid gameplay

For the first time ever, Android gamers have the opportunity to indulge in this exciting hardcore survival game. Imagine a huge and dangerous world. See all the accessories you need to save time and maintain and equip yourself.

Find yourself surrounded by all kinds of problems. From the cold and hunger of apocalyptic Russia to the dangerously infected corpses that surround you. There are still life-threatening rays that can seriously damage your body. This game is no joke, as you usually have very little time to slow down.

Fun with a real interactive environment

With a scattering atmosphere and numerous interactive elements, tltGames developers have transformed the game from a simple survival game into a very interesting survival game. However, players can come in a variety of factors, such as changing seasons, detailed maps with hidden secrets, detailed environments, and more.

Exploring over 2700 different cities gives you the opportunity to explore the vast Russian Empire in many ways. And be careful with the animals around you. In a devastating world, even a little mouse can hurt you.

Discover endless possibilities with crafting features

And if you're trapped in such a crazy world, it's a bit natural to know about crafting. However, Day R Premium players have the opportunity to create great things with creativity.

With a variety of content, you can find all over the place, players can create fantastic accessories that can help them in this war-torn world. Still, at Day R Premium you can explore endless possibilities and create all kinds of arts and crafts. Collect hundreds of fantastic crafting recipes, improve your skills to unlock more craft options, and more.

Develop your character and improve his or her skills

In addition, the game requires not only players to have the knowledge, but also how to be involved in the exercises. So if you want to make more progress in the game, it is important that you improve your skills through practice. Other than that, you must also learn all the necessary skills to survive in the jungle.

Learn to become a mechanic so you can quickly transport terrifying structures or vehicles to various locations. Become a blacksmith and learn to create powerful weapons and tools that will help you on the journey to your life. And finally, you can use your knowledge of physics and chemistry, which you learned throughout your schooling.

Picture and sound quality


At Day R Premium, gamers will be familiar with the dark, burning and the addictive world from the beginning, as well as well-designed environments and characters. In addition, high resolution images enhance your experience.

In addition, the game is relatively fluid thanks to graphically optimized graphics. So you can explore the wider world without being disturbed by delays or commotions. However, if you use a low-end device, the game can be offline because of the large number of players.


With powerful and powerful soundtracks throughout the adventure, Day R Premium Apocalypse seeks immersed players in Russia's lost world. Put your headphones on and experience the depth and breadth of the map of the open world. Listen to every small, wide noise of things happening around you.

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Android 4.0.3
5 000–10 000
3+ years
Day R Premium (MOD, Unlimited Coins) Apk コンテンツのレーティングは 3+ years です。 このアプリ 4.5 このアプリを使用しているユーザー 2161 人です。 会社/開発者の詳細については、tltGames のWebサイトをご覧ください。 Day R Premium (MOD, Unlimited Coins) Apk は 、Android 4.0.3 以上のAndroid搭載端末にダウンロードしてインストールできます。 お気に入りのブラウザを使用してアプリケーションをダウンロードし、[インストール]をクリックしてアプリケーションをインストールします。 Day R Premium (MOD, Unlimited Coins) Apk apk Mirrorよりも基本的なAPKファイルと純粋なAPKファイルの両方を提供しています。 このアプリAPKは、店舗に 5 000–10 000 回ダウンロードされています。 Day R Premium (MOD, Unlimited Coins) Apk APKをダウンロードして、人気のAndroidエミュレータで実行することもできます。

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