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4.6 (1445)
ゲーム, Role Playing
2.6.5 アンドロイド用
8 27, 2016

Weed Firm 2: Back to College (MOD, unlimited money) - It combines an interesting strategy that plays with a game in the fantasy world where the marijuana circulation is legitimate and everything is possible without any restrictions. It is well known that growing grass is not so easy and you will have trouble developing a very good product on your Android smartphone screen.

This version is our main character begins to go to college one semester. It is your job to seek for new connections and develop its underground hay handling network. Remember to build the best piece of weed weeds on your farm.

They sell them to your school and let them taste the sky. Use the money to develop their businesses to collect new species of weeds and to plant them.

Find Weed generation of more than 2: Back to school with our assessment.

Game Features:

• Some strains of marijuana, the famous White Widow and purple fog, and amazingly powerful and very beautiful your weed farm farming empire including exotic weeds

• such as an exotic dancer Jane, market Looney and Durte rap duo, DJ Sandy and Mandy Ian cheerleaders, the way Bob and capricious clients of your recipes and much more

• Feature Now the boy a special client - a big, Draco!

Kicking • Customize your memory you help protect your plantation and products with a growing number of intruders checking your discussion Marijuana

• A new line to expand his memory and magic mushrooms growing in the grass Business Break; Including Mexican, the Ecuadorian, varieties such as foreign and Space

• Sell to open a portal to another galaxy and ethereal foreign visitors your best mushrooms

• Shrooms and local gang bangers and corrupt police and FBI agent Mary Jane's secret funds to shake up his pot-growing business for the worst protection is looking for creative ways.

• out and extend their operations beyond great. What do you find inside the RV? Blunts wax with resin and eating a variety of diversity, not their own business!

The follow-up Weed Firm: planting, the popular role-playing grass grows and adventurous work, distribution of botany student Ted Head Assembly back to his alma mater. This time he did not hit the books, but to hide from the police that is hot on your way. Ted was growing up on abandoned grass at a gym and that's what the best farming and cannabis sales are down to. He expanded the business to get their hay fields to new locations, new varieties planted in the bud and magic mushrooms.


The player must move Ted venture plants, a botany student's decision to remove Join going to spend a fulfilling career with grass growing money: Sport is a follow-up to the famous mobile game, Weed firm. Friends are able to help and grow their wonderful TED at a particular time in its hay handling business with botanical knowledge.

Ted is allowed to go to school so far, players will be given the opportunity to experience new gameplay and stories. Of course, you will learn nothing back for abandoned at the gym, but the output of a hidden field and the people who sell all kinds of products to start your build,

In many cases, and combining the two schools emerged. The local groups and establishing facing his dominions. Develop relationships with many of the characters in the game and make yourself a nice girlfriend.

Free to play

You probably will be in proportion to your surprise you will not forget. But to say that you can install on your mobile devices without the game can pay something. So make sure you spend your time to enjoy the adventure of your own grass.

Game is fully unlocked our modern

On top of that, players weeds Firm 2: Purchases back into the game to open the applications without having to pay huge college and enjoy an ad-free experience. Our simple all you have to do to get started Weed Firm Hack APK cope with the tasks on the need to set up your device. Make sure you stop following our instructions to make sure the file is properly installed. 

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Android 2.3.3
42.1Mb + 50.5Mb
1 000 000–5 000 000
3+ years
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