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4.0 (26)
계략, Puzzle
앱 작성자:
Tactile Games
1.64.0 Android 용
업데이트 날짜:
5 21, 2020

Lily's Garden (MOD, Unlimited Coins) - arcade puzzle from the series three in a row in which you will play the role of a young girl named Lily. According to the storyline, our heroine inherits a dilapidated house and a neglected garden, and now you need to help Lily return her legacy to its former beauty and greatness, and this can be done only by passing levels and completing tasks, for which you will receive items, money and bonuses. In addition to the main plot, you will also be able to perform minor tasks, for example, get to know your neighbors and even arrange a personal life.


The Lilys Garden is in the middle of the garden. Lily's aunt is on vacation with her husband. So, you can not continue to maintain your garden. Unfortunately, the storm was last time. And it damaged its garden. Trees got broken and the furniture was old and badly damaged. He asked Lily to handle the garden and repair it. He hopes that everything will be green again before the end of the holiday. Please help Lily complete her work.

Get your hands dirty in Lilys Garden

Overall, the gameplay of Match 3 looks similar and nothing has changed. The game has a board with different colored gems of the surface, which is in different shapes. Players will try to find similar stones to remove them from the board and get points. Generally, the level of each level is associated with the job and the specific task or the player must complete. When the player completes the task, the task is finished. For example, to repair the garden dome, players must remove 20 yellow and 15 blue stones or purchase new flowers. Players must reach 20,000 points.

The green arrangement of Lilys Garden is varied and regularly updated. Players turn to each task to buy more items to make every field in the garden, plant trees and to make the garden more beautiful. However, the mission wants to become more complicated, the needs are becoming more complex and the number of moves is limited. Players should look at the game to make a combination and eliminate more tiles to complete the game. Sometimes the players want to play a game with them, so do not hesitate.


TheLilys Garden was prepared by hand-drawn cartoon style. The author knows how to paint a beautiful garden equipped with colored flowers and design accordingly. Generally, the game's appearance is very impressive; In the new environment, players want to sink in the new field. At the same time, players enjoy melodic background music that makes the feeling more relaxed. The Lilys Garden, which publishes a very entertaining game, will not be disappointed. Download now and get started.

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Android 5.0
10 000 000+
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12+ years
Lilys Garden (MOD, Unlimited Coins) Apk 콘텐츠 등급은 12+ years 입니다. 이 앱은이 앱을 사용하는 26 사용자의 4.0 으로 평가됩니다. 이 앱은 Play 스토어 및 Puzzle 카테고리에 있습니다. 게임. 회사 / 개발자에 대한 자세한 내용은 Tactile Games 의 웹 사이트를 방문하십시오. Lilys Garden (MOD, Unlimited Coins) Apk 은 Android 5.0 이상의 Android 기기에 다운로드하여 설치할 수 있습니다. 좋아하는 브라우저를 사용하여 응용 프로그램을 다운로드하고 설치를 클릭하여 응용 프로그램을 설치하십시오. Lilys Garden (MOD, Unlimited Coins) Apk apk Mirror보다 기본 및 순수 APK 파일과 빠른 다운로드 속도를 제공합니다. 이 앱 APK는 10 000 000+ 번 상점에 다운로드되었습니다. Lilys Garden (MOD, Unlimited Coins) Apk APK를 다운로드하여 인기있는 Android 에뮬레이터로 실행할 수도 있습니다.

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