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3,5 (297)
Spellen, Sport
App door:
Illusion Labs
1.25 voor Android
Bijgewerkt op:
sep 10, 2018

Touchgrind Skate 2 (MOD, Unlocked) - To continue the popular part of the game you can join, it can become a real skateboarder and a skateboard. Earn various tricks with its skateboard, dots and get first place in global leaderboards. Show all your skills. You can also do glue stickers and hence also get the opportunity to paint his skate. Park skating has grown too big and layers are more complex.

Get the highest score in time-limited competition mode and full challenges in jam session mode.

Innovative finger control with realistic physics simulations that will allow you to get Ollies, shoes, shoes, kickflips, leaflets, impossible, power sides, lip tricks, stalls, drop, 5-0s, the 50s, crooks, tailslides, blunt slides, dark lights, dark lights Am. Why not in the infinite combinations of the primitive, or in the groove, funky, or switch? - Just set the limits of your abilities and your imagination!

Touchgrind Skate 2 Features:

- Realistic physics and stunning 3D graphics

- 3 free ram game modes: training, competition, jam session.

- Video Tutorial - Check it out and try it out yourself!

- Developed with Natural Multi-Touch Control, TouchGrind and TouchGrind BMX

- The tilted camera view is similar to the Touchgrind BMX

- Bowls, ramps, curbs, box cases and three different skate parks with tracks over three thousand meters.

- Complete 100 challenges to unlock the decks, wheels, grips, and decals

- Trick name recognition

Secrets and Tips:

High-quality translations and great music help boost game ratings. Touchgrind Skate 2 is distributed free of charge. But the game has donuts and pop-up ads. The knots in the bus game are very strong and frustrating. You only have one title and you have to pay the pocket money and buy the rest. Multichannel control is a bit focused and the boards are often hard to hear.

But generally, you can use it to make the selfie and do it a little longer and longer. There is nothing more to discuss, grab your board quickly, and head to the skate park to prove your skills! Below you can download Hacked Touchgrind Skate 2 on Android, the full version that costs a lot of money and unlocks everything.

Download Touchgrind Skate 2 mod APK

This is a free game, but IAP must be purchased to unlock different tracks, maps, and skateboards. However, they unlocked everything independently of the MOD APK with Touchgrind Skate 2.

The new main menu is still more recognizable to navigate than previous versions of TouchGrind. The game has various maps, each with its own challenges, time competition modes, multiline multiplayer and more. Touchgrind Skate 2 offers a wide range of board customization with options like deck type, grip, wheels, decals and more. You can even put your photos on your board.

The graphics look great and also support game controllers. The controls are simple, but they can be a bit of use, especially if you're like me, waiting for the next version of TouchGrind for Truscott. The Trick Tutorial in the Pause Menu also shows you some of the tricks and key challenges. This is very useful and especially useful for new players. Another new feature recently added to the update, is the Video Studio feature.

That way, you can split clips of your best lines and then convert them into videos or upload them to YouTube. Overall, I really enjoy playing this game and I can't wait for future updates. I definitely think this app is downloadable and is an excellent sequel to the previous TouchGrind. So it's from me. I hope you enjoyed reading the completely obscure and inaccurate RG review.

How to use TouchGrind Skate 2 mod:

TouchGrind Skate 2 - Get real skateboarding in this charming and brilliant game simulator. The other part of the game in front of you is dedicated to fun and mobile hobbies like skating. With the Hacked TouchGrind Skate 2, you can quickly master the art of virtual skating in daily training and become a true master of every trick. Learn new moves to improve your skills. So you can earn more points and publish your name in the rankings. The TouchGrind Skate 2 mod pack can be downloaded.

Decks, wheels, covers and more - You'll find the best boards for fast city travel with the ability to constantly improve all the details. The touch screen is controlled by the touch. To roll the board, place two fingers on the edge. To slow down - To remove one finger from the front edge of the board, close - Remove both fingers and perform various automated tricks on the screen.

How to play:

All parks are open in the latest version of the simulator. And players have the opportunity to showcase their skills on various websites. In addition to single-mode, time mode, and Zen - with an endless game in which the player practices, he attacks himself. It is possible to take part in Battaline battles and conduct competitions with real players. Cheat Codes TouchGrind Skate 2 - The second part of the Skateboard Simulator. Where the user's fingers act like a scatter. It is not necessary to press the virtual keyboard. But navigating across the board very naturally.

This control scheme makes the game very realistic. To perform the tricks, you must learn the basic elements and gradually move on to more complex issues. The gameplay is not as easy as it seems, so training takes a lot of time. Only hardcore gamers have to do with the mission and implementation of complex techniques. Even a small inspection can lead to the loss of valuable glasses. So you have to practice putting your fingers and checking their movements.

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Vereist Android:
Android 4.0.3
10.0Mb + 160Mb
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3+ years
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Touchgrind Skate 2 (MOD, Unlocked) Apk inhoudsclassificatie is 3+ years. Deze app heeft een classificatie van 3,5 door 297 gebruikers die deze app gebruiken. Deze app wordt vermeld in de Play Store en in de categorie Sport van spellen. Als u meer wilt weten over het bedrijf / de ontwikkelaar, gaat u naar de website van Illusion Labs die het heeft ontwikkeld. Touchgrind Skate 2 (MOD, Unlocked) Apk kan worden gedownload en geïnstalleerd op Android 4.0.3 en hogere Android-apparaten. Download de app met uw favoriete browser en klik op Installeren om de applicatie te installeren. Houd er rekening mee dat we zowel eenvoudige als zuivere APK-bestanden en snellere downloadsnelheden bieden dan Touchgrind Skate 2 (MOD, Unlocked) Apk apk Mirror. Deze app-APK is in de winkel 50–100 keer gedownload. Je kunt ook Touchgrind Skate 2 (MOD, Unlocked) Apk downloaden APK en het uitvoeren met de populaire Android-emulators.

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