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4,3 (8124)
Jogos, Action
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Level Eight AB
1.18.18 para Android
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ago 27, 2019

Robbery Bob (MOD, Unlimited Money/Unlocked) - is a famous game where everyone looks like a thief. Many levels are waiting for you, and as the game progresses everyone becomes more difficult. You have to make difficult decisions. After all, your work is to leave the scene so that no police will pay attention to you. You can get a different advancement and many gadgets to help you implement your smart plan. You get colorful graphics and easy management.

Robbery bob is an incredibly dynamic runner essence of the game that stands behind our hero can steal more jewelry Kingdom and voice Android devices, try to owners and neighbors, the main character in all the other many big difference from thieves, its main feature is that it also stole a white day. All you get the hands on the floor in shock, and More!

We have played a lot of police game Protecting crime, bad things like fighting heroes in the fight against the world ... But whatever a game in which you play a thief? Theft is condemned by society, but if you feel like a thief Robbery Bob (MoD unlimited money, you want to experience playing open to all) - a fun game publisher levels Eight AB. This is a role-playing game with beautiful graphics players that give fun gameplay and love on mobile to many people stealing highly guarded houses valuables.


  • Nice graphics;
  • A large inventory of homes that are not stolen;
  • Original and fun gameplay;
  • Measure success;
  • Established the awards event.

Sneaky Thief

Have you read stories about Robin Hood steals money bad, so Bob is a little different. He said that stealing and teaching someone you want to do some work in prison is a good one at a time, but some other theft owners will want to see their talents and bob in return for a large amount of money last mission. Of course, there were Bob agreed.

Funny gameplay

  • If you are playing Robbery Bob, how you need to learn to sneak around a real thief. In the beginning, you have a notorious thief, which will lead you in the game, the rules and you will be able to reach what you need to do at each level. A home without internal security or career with burglary, escape there, found objects and slowly came back into the apartment. If you are not satisfied, with it, it seems pretty easy now that a thief never comes with planes or items that a violent big man with a mortar or even a security guard housewife does not like a dog, a security camera.
  • Game (3 stars undetected you gain maximum points), "clean" includes all the apartment must meet three criteria within the time and money to complete. It sounds complicated, but it is worse when you move, so as not to remain undetected and to see the "hole". In addition, Bob Bush, like hide hidden potential for a sofa or even a ninja toilet.
  • Robbery Bob controlled virtual keys on the left side, you can move and take (right) to run, easy to navigate with the right virtual key. Bob grows sharply but will focus on the implementation of the noise in the building. Also, check the door for a stop sign every time in the room if you need to because the owner wants to open the door, he will be able to come with me and put whatever you like.

Chapter 3, 150 level

Three chapters, including 150 level, take on many different areas of a house. Some chapters (bonuses), you need to use the money to buy them. Each house, that way a special security system to find a level which corresponds to the need for a glimpse. During the game, you bet, you will be captured by at least one guard. Passing attention to dangerous synthetic, they found the place and can be easy to find many ways. In addition, do not forget to update your dodging skills to operate as a rapidly rising or increased physical strength for a long time.

Graphics and sound

Robbery Bob game for fun with a fantastic goal in the game's graphics are bright and funny. In addition, top-down view easily finds a safe room to the next active player. Ads usually appear when you start a new level of advice, I have a different experience seamless 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi.


Overall, however, the graphics are not really impressive, but the robbery Bob's still worth the fun gameplay. Download our links below you will find the game on your phone Journey Begins Today notorious thieves.

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Android 4.1
5 000 000–10 000 000
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7+ years
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