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4,2 (9185)
Игры, Action
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Ludia Inc.
1.12.0 для Android
фев 18, 2020
Ninja Turtles: Legends (MOD, Unlimited Money) - In this game, you're waiting for the wonderful and exciting adventures of turtle ninja. And tribal opponents will fight with a large number of opponents and people of the original and very interesting story, as soon as you pass through the game, you will get many mutants that want to destroy the turtle.

Why it is worth downloading games for the Ninja TurtlesNinja Turtles: Legends - big action on superheroes. The game's villain and organized crime you want to exit the world plunging into chaos fight. You will be the main enemy - Schroeder. Management will be the Ninja Turtles, as a basis for Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello was always a team. But it also has other partners to join their teams. Whatever the game is very interesting, the theme of superheroes, the like of it in any case. 70 exciting levels waiting for you when you are ready to resist evil? If so, then download them to the game and see for yourself! Graphics and game effects are not bad, but certainly, not everyone will see the modern. For it, try it yourself to play the whole game process. Both adults and children like to play. The game is completely free and requires an Internet connection.

Game Features:

  • Free
  • Internet is not needed
  • Good graphics
  • Wide selection of characters

Ninja Turtles: Legends Game Play

The gameplay is turn-based battles against attacks turns to attack and defend. The final boss will be a dynamic and interesting way to fight boredom. In battle, you need to attack selected targets and spetsumeniya turtles. Go to the main menu, where each fight hero to earn money to buy the card capabilities.

Graphically the game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles project on the classical style design. Bright, juicy colors and characters are good animation effects. Fun sound effects and catchy soundtrack can add up. Ninja Turtles: Legends - nostalgic of the good that will appeal to both adults and children, step-by-step strategy.

Original Ninjas: Find the Turtle universe with an original story. Shredder, Kraang and more - through seven chapters and budget owners take over the 70 stages of the Battle your way!
Caution shell is to play a limited time and experience a whole new chapter on the summer movie-based Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows! Their reconnaissance mission goes wrong, turtles foot clan and favorite bad boys should take Bebop and Rocksteady! Win and fight to collect the special characters!
Turtle Power: Leonardo takes his brother and his colleagues Kraang army to help save the mutant. Play with Leonardo 5-on-5 battle with your favorite TMNT characters.
Mutant Mayhem combine and grow to more than 30 TMNT characters level! Super sweet find your move and train them to build their team rrific Kcua-! Do not forget to pack the freezer for ice Kitty!
Shred Alert: So for the first time, as friends Kraang Ninja Turtles ... or a fight to the enemy! Collect and play Tiger Claw, Rocksteady, Bebop and more. Create strategic teams and take on Kraang!
Food Fight: The current price and sets of cards you collect to increase your team!
Fight against Kraang Ninja Turtles TV show, Dimension X, including drain and classic haunts of New York City rooftops, we run the town!

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Требуется Android:
Android 4.1
Оценка для
12+ years
Рейтинг контента Ninja Turtles: Legends (MOD, unlimited money) Apk составляет от 12+ years. Это приложение оценено 4,2 9185 пользователями, которые используют это приложение. Это приложение указано в Action игр и в категории «Игры». Чтобы узнать больше о компании / разработчике, посетите веб-сайт Ludia Inc., который ее разработал. Ninja Turtles: Legends (MOD, unlimited money) Apk можно загрузить и установить на Android 4.1 и выше устройства Android. Загрузите приложение, используя ваш любимый браузер, и нажмите «Установить», чтобы установить приложение. Обратите внимание, что мы предоставляем как простые, так и чистые APK-файлы и более быструю скорость загрузки, чем Ninja Turtles: Legends (MOD, unlimited money) Apk apk Mirror. Это приложение APK было загружено 1–5 раз в магазине. Вы также можете скачать Ninja Turtles: Legends (MOD, unlimited money) Apk APK и запустить его с помощью популярных эмуляторов Android.

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