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Şub 19, 2019

Download BBM Delta APK - is Welcome. The feeling that you are current users of BBM for Android?

Most people now began to change WhatsApp. Perhaps there are reasons why they choose to use in Washington. And you also must have their own reasons why you do not use BBM.

But this time you will use the delta version aka BBM Delta APK for the MOD version share a long day of lovers.

New or old version are many advantages to the native BBM app. Many websites share the BBM delta land on Jalan Tikus. Read Blackberry Messenger History

Many BBM Delta is too busy to use the app. Signs read a block of benefits makes it worth keeping.

That is a task that you can read BBM messages from other people, but do not spread the information from the message alias.

Not only that, we also seek to explain below, there are many functions.

And even before that we did. A download link can be easily used which make it easy for you to download all the files on ram android.

So, you can change the theme options you can change almost all elements of BBM. For example, change the background color of the chat.

BBM Delta APK Change chat Buble transparent unique. If you're bored, you do not have to download another version. You only need to change the subject scene. You can get the new version.

If you are bored with the language, you can change it. It is in Indonesian, English, and it can also be Javanese.

And what if you are kidnapped with a folk application known as Chat Chat, without other or close friends, fear that fuel installed in their jail, you can immediately block the BBM application. You can do all the settings menu

BBM Delta Facility

Dark dark themes transparent white and black subjects: there are already many questions.

There is a multi-language option, English, Indonesian and Javanese.

Buble chat display options. Basic MIUI 6 Xiaomi, MeeGo, round, triangle, square, and many others.

Navigation menu option, or left or right arrangement.

  • Be subtle.
  • The main colors.
  • Another color.
  • Option to change the text size.
  • No full screen.
  • Lock mode.
  • Buble chat color change.
  • Modification of the image.
  • Block mode.
  • Record Protocol.
  • AutoText.

Link directly to file. Management is made available to visitors to the site to download the APK is simple. Thank you for visiting

See also the BBM WhatsApp Download WhatsApp Plus is a mod version of the Delta Mod

Delta BBM Overview

BBM BBM Delta has been modified to add users and contribute to the actual needs facilities.

A researcher is called full Yoyocx, BBM BBM and eventually to replace the delta is now used most widely.

The delta version has many advantages that make it easy for us. Here are some reviews.

  • Special Settings menu

Live the default menu settings BBM. But additional features have been installed on the delta version, offer a special menu.

There you can change the language in a photo Change the background color, font. Other Delta offer BBM settings menu with lots of mods.

  • Language

In addition to English and Indonesian. Modder used the most common such as Javanese, Sundanese, and there were other regional languages.

You can also add MOD request an application, or language, but to learn.

  • Theme

Maybe we are bored with the appearance of the application. It would be amazing if we can change the look using a topic or a program that we do every day.

By setting the display components, your favorite apps, BBM display look fresh daily.

  • Symptom

You need to be aware of the properties of the delta version of BBM. Blocked most desirable and useful work.

Send status messages sent to you without reading that can change the eyes R.

If you do not want to talk, but can not read the received message is very useful. In addition, please backup the menu there and later the news.

Actually, there are several versions of BBM Delta today, but most of them improved and there is still a lot of mistakes. So we are only a few still used today.

So there is a clone version and uncle version. Clone means of direct version without overwriting or BBM BBM app installed

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BBM Delta APK içerik derecelendirmesi dır. Bu uygulama, bu uygulamayı kullanan kullanıcı tarafından olarak değerlendirilmiştir. Şirket / geliştirici hakkında daha fazla bilgi için Ngupengandeveloper'nin sitesini geliştiren web sitesini ziyaret edin. BBM Delta APK ve üstü Android cihazlarda indirilebilir ve yüklenebilir. Uygulamayı en sevdiğiniz tarayıcıyı kullanarak indirin ve uygulamayı yüklemek için Yükle'yi tıklayın. Lütfen BBM Delta APK apk Mirror'dan daha basit ve saf APK dosyaları ve daha hızlı indirme hızları sağladığımızı unutmayın. Bu uygulama APK, mağazada kez indirildi. Ayrıca BBM Delta APK APK'yı indirebilir ve popüler Android Emülatörleriyle çalıştırabilirsiniz.

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