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Ara 12, 2019

Crash of Cars (MOD, Coins/Gems) - together with arcade races and multiplayer games. At the beginning of the game, you have the option of choosing your first car to find and edit other players. In many places, you collect gold crowns, chase other players, break your car and collect them. Despite its mild weight, the game received beautiful 3D graphics and excellent management. Be the best racer in a car accident.

Crash of Cars to bring you exciting race at an incredible speed and makes love hunting accidents. You can choose a car according to your wishes. Your choice depends on your speed. You have to pump your car properly. As if they will be at your opponents, kill, an alert is received not stop your goal.

All waste time and take the city streets, and robbery where the wheel and you need to follow to gather all they crown the specific gold to find around the city, drive and crash them only all the other cars and games need to prepare your game strategy, either, because it can be broken or crushed. Built-in an attempt to clear the game is to create the best gaming experience for the player with the most beautiful and Most interesting free digital content.

Crash of cars steering wheel gives you behind the scenes, but to defeat their opponents in a race format, you will have to stand to remove them from the last car and the final gold implant crown. Fee-player game will give you a completely different level has been free and high-quality graphics and gameplay. Gameplay can also engage in a variety of playing modes or just fight with your friends.

We provide you with all relevant information about the game in this article with the necessary conditions available to download the process. Finally, we use the latest versions of the game offer you the download link.

Crash of Cars Game Features:

  • Real-time multiplayer  maps bring combat enjoying 6
  • 4 different cars (usually rare on 30+ different rare, epic, legend) Unlock
  • With more than 30 skins to customize their cars. Pepperoni motorhomes are very tasty options on the skin.
  • 16 upgradeable power-ups, a flamethrower, motor cannon, stone peeled and much more.
  • Work with a friend. There is no fun anymore than the destruction of your friends :)
  • Mission System
  • Leader Supports Hourly and Google Play Game Services
  • Single-player mode available
  • New content coming soon!

Car wars

This right. That means that if we travel each day - no or a warrior, you control a car crash. What is unprecedented unique game? I love a man in the car, feel the exciting game.

How to play Crash of Cars

  • Currently, a car accident or a multiplayer mode. You will receive a game piece on the green play button on the screen. Then the game is to find all the players throw a crazy car combat gameplay on mobile phones. Car rotate automatically turn on the right side of the screen to the right, go ahead, keep on the left side of the left screen. If you get both sides, turning the car brake handle and head.
  • Other IO- such as games, that you forget to talk as much as you need also need to take the crown. When time is up, the player will win the crown. Of course, other players will not be easy to achieve your goals. They will try to destroy your car to stop ... and you came out of the game.
  • When the game starts, you are just an ordinary car. Collect the reform of the mysterious box and weapons faster. It has enough laser guns, flying a lot of weapons, including missiles, pistols, grenade launchers, saws ... Choose you can complete the series of victory over the enemy, then you have the top players in the crown. Do you think Krone attention to other players, with an emphasis on the attack in the elevator?

My strategy

Have to play such a game, the players gathered in the central region. In my opinion, we should strengthen the war looting and suburban areas to enable the safety arm. Then you can move the central region of the fight clearly. The rest have gone through the constant struggle of all the players, they are weak and can easily defeat them. However, this strategy is suitable for all players. If you want to experience a crazy fight, then the premise is to start in the middle.

Upgrade and Development

  • There are many interesting features of the car accident to identify the players. Trucks, cars, fire trucks, ambulance ... 70 different vehicles for different major vehicle systems fall into a limited rare, epic and legendary type of drive system.
  • After the game, who used the tool used to update the assembly in the car and unlock the coin crown. Upgrade to the use of power-ups and weapons on the battlefield real-time instead of rocket guns. 4 5 rocket fire skins you can customize.
  • Our car crash mod apk version gives you unlimited coins and gems. You can purchase an upgrade to unlock a car and equipment at any time. MOD version via download link at the end of this article to make sure and enjoy!

Play with your friends

A game such as a car accident, there is nothing more fun than playing with your friends. This is an online game that you can invite your closest friends to a game, and destroy them. Each would certainly be fun moments.


Car crash 3D graphics with better image quality. Not much, but the game graphics can be addictive, and the quality of the players is enough to make you excited. Many of the beautiful scenery, there are many interesting places to visit with bright colors. Currently, the game has 8 different cards. You can choose your favorite map before starting the game.


He crashed the car speed fast online arena with several attractive features APK. If you need a proper strategy for every event I want to be the last survivor of the Battle of efficiency is not enough. Weekend holidays can be a great game.

MOD Information

  • Infinity Coin
  • Infinity Gems

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