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10月 17, 2020

My Talking Tom 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money) - The sequel of the popular pet care simulator. At this time, you should take a small kitten under your care and try to develop it, without having to refuse it, everything has to be developed. Sequel has kept all the important components of the series, so fans of Tom Cat can easily understand all the details of the game, but you feel that it is not very good, because my Talking Volume 2 gives you hundreds of different features while maintaining Tom's position while dozens of games and items Use Good graphics and love heroes give you many positive emotions.

Your new favorite game, My Talking Tom 2, is from the creators of My Talking Tom! Play in your cool free game with your new virtual best friend Tom and embark on a lifetime adventure!

Casting the King: Talking to Tom is sweeter, happier, and more charming. It responds to everything you do and is amazed every day!

Every pastime: When he is hungry, feed Tom when he is dirty, wash him when he is tired, put him on the bed and when he actually takes her to the toilet! See how it grows from baby to big, happy cat!

Take extra care: Tom is sometimes ill, so he needs more than ever. If he gets a stall, go to the cupboard and make the poor man feel good.

Play with the toy: shoot over basketball hoops, slide a Tom on a swing, or jump on trampolines. Tom now has toys full of toys and they all encourage him!

Pick Up Tom: Tom picks it up when you pick it up. Try spinning, renting or throwing. You can put it in the bathroom, on the toilet, on the bed, or in its cold plane!

New Things: Fly-in Tom's plane and discover the exciting new world. Bring in amazing treasure and use it to prepare Tom and equip his house.

Meet the Pets Pets: Yes, Tom also has pets and there are four more pets to watch! Each has its own form and personality. Have a feed and see what happens!

New Mini-Games: New mini-games for puzzles, action games, and Tom's first multiplayer mini-game!

Tom is a gourmet cat

Tom is a special cat who needs your care. You will be Tom's "parent" in My Talking Tom 2, Tom will be happy. how? It's very simple. Since Tom is a cat, he has to eat, relax, play and bite. Eat first. To keep Tom in the kitchen, select the "knife and fork" icon at the bottom of the screen and sit at the table. Pick your favorite dishes and drag and drop them into Tom's mouth (don't worry, Tom's mouth is too wide, he can eat anything).

You can adjust Tom's diet by giving him a variety of foods such as fruit, soda, milk, cake, meat, etc. After the food period in the refrigerator, you have to buy food from the store. More nutritious foods help Tom not go hungry, but he is also more expensive. For example, the pastries will cost more than three carrots.

Keep Tom clean

After a while, Tom's cleaning time will be shortened. If you need to bathe Tom by pressing the bathroom sign. If Tom doesn't feel too uncomfortable make sure to bring him to the bathroom regularly. You can take Tom into the toilet, he closes the door and the rest will work. That game is shown by the humor aired "noisy". If you want, you can "break" Tom's secret by trying to open the toilet door.

Unlike My Talking Tom 2, there are several types of bath soap that you can choose for Tom. You can use as many as you like. It is so funny to see Tom trapped in a soap bubble.


The biggest difference between My Talking Tom 2 is that the game has a healing function. No one is permanently healthy, eventually, Tom will get sick (called Bubo). Do not worry! Click on the drug cabinet and select the type of drug for the boobs. There are no treatment tips, but each owl can be healed differently so you can experiment.

Before you finish the game, it's Tom's bedtime. If not, you want to play with Tom sometimes, but you can't because he is too tired and you have to wait a bit to sleep. Instead of going to bed, you can soon buy a 100% health vial from Diamond. Help Tom to sleep, turn off the light and he'll sleep until his health indicator is 100%.

Play with Tom

Tom is an insensitive act. He can play all day without being bored. You can swim in the stomach to break Tom or defeat Tom. The Fastest Way To Make Tom Happy Mini-Game My Talking Tom 2. This is also a way to earn very effective coins. The game has many fun mini-games for you. 2048, classic games like racing games and many other games.

For big money in the game, you have to play mini-games and save a long time. You can download the MODMoney version of My Talking Tom 2, it will give you a lot of money, so you can easily buy clothes, decorations and anything you need.


Tom can visit. Have you heard it wrong? No, you don't have to. After each level, Tom receives a plane ticket to travel somewhere. There you can buy Tom's dishes, decorations or clothing.

When playing My Talking Tom 2, the player's greatest pleasure is to buy unique clothes and try out Tom. Each one corresponds to a different topic, but you can add multiple topics to a single sentence. Do you want to buy king clothes or a foreign suit? Other than that, you can decorate your way to Tom's living room, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom.

Graphics and sound

The game's graphics are hardly different from the previous version. The game has intense 3D graphics and bright colors. Tom is still cute, funny as the original version. The essential feature of My Talking Tom 2 is the imitation of the human voice. In a loud voice, Tom can parody my words while playing My Talking Tom 2.

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Android 4.4
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3+ years
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